About Denver Christian Academy

What Happens When You Find The Right Teachers, The Right Curriculum, And The Right Environment For Your Child?


If You Want to Provide the Best Possible Solution for Your Child to Experience:

Better Grades, Better Behavior, Better Decisions, And Better College Preparation

So They Can Live a More Meaningful and Fulfilled Life,

Then You’re In The Right Place.

Here’s Why…

In today’s world, sending your child to the wrong school can change the entire trajectory of their life. It can be the most important decision you ever make for your child. This is why many parents worry themselves sick when it comes to determining exactly what their child needs and matching them with the right school. The last thing any parent wants is to make the wrong decision that could keep your child from getting the right education, or prevent them from being in a positive, caring, safe environment.

The fact that you’re on this site reading this right now, indicates you’ll likely identify with the following statement(s):

  • Society

    As a parent, I’m really concerned about the overall condition of our society

  • Values and Beliefs

    I’m concerned about education that runs counter to my family’s core beliefs and values

  • Preparation

    I want my child to have a rigorous curriculum to prepare my child for college and life

  • Environment

    I want my child in a positive, caring, and safe environment

  • Uniqueness

    I want my child to discover and develop their unique, God-given strengths and gifts

  • My Role

    I want to ensure I’m fulfilling my role as a parent

If any of these statements resonate with you, then you fully understand why we started Denver Christian Academy.

Our Mission

Denver Christian Academy (DCA) is an individually tailored approach to education centered in God’s Word. We provide strong academics in a nurturing environment, where students grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially through Christian Values. At DCA, students achieve this personal success when each individual unlocks what God designed them to be.

Here’s How We Do It…

1. The Right Teachers

First, we select only top-notch teachers. While many schools focus only on certifications and experience, we also ensure our teachers have character and heart. Professional competence only goes so far. Your child deserves teachers that boosts their confidence, self-worth, and self-control by encouraging spiritual, moral, and ethical foundations. Teachers shouldn’t just give information, they should assist your child in taking the life lessons acquired on campus to the world in which they live. Our teachers help students overcome fear, doubt, and anxiety so they can focus on discovering who they are and why they’re here. We have the most passionate and caring teachers and staff who go above and beyond to impact the hearts and minds of students.


What’s the result? Children that are excited to go to school and learn so they are equipped and prepared to make a difference in the world.

2. The Right Curriculum

Second, we offer a rigorous curriculum. A curriculum is more than just who published the material. A rigorous curriculum can only come from teachers that know how to deliver lessons exactly how their students need to learn. This reduces the need for supplemental tutoring and remedial courses while minimizing the risk of the consequences from lack of proper college preparation. Our curriculum also provides a Biblical world-view to today’s tough topics yielding streamlined, effective decision-making.


What’s the result? Children that are equipped and prepared for college and beyond.


3. The Right Environment

Third, we offer a unique environment. The right teachers, teaching the right curriculum, delivered in the right environment is the recipe for the best possible solution for your child. If your child is in the wrong environment, the best teachers and curriculum in the world will struggle to impact your child. The environment your child is in 1,200 hours per year is critical to their development. We offer a very unique environment for our students. It’s positive, caring and safe, yet structured and challenging. Our students benefit from smaller class sizes by getting more individual attention than other schools can offer. This ensures your child won’t get lost in the system. Instead, they’ll gain confidence to find themselves and spread their wings.

What’s the result? Children that are well-behaved, make better decisions, and reach their full potential.

All of these working together in harmony is what provides the best possible solution for your child to experience better grades, better behavior, better decisions, better college options, and more importantly, to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Our Values

We honor God and teach about his mercy, grace, and love through worship time in the Chapel, Bible Study classes, integration of our biblical worldview in academics and in the interactions with our students, parents, and fellow staff members.