Our Values

Every Monday and Thursday at 1:05 p.m. all students come together during Chapel time to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All are welcomed.

DCA Spiritual Life embraces these core values

1. God

We honor God and teach about his mercy, grace, and love through worship time in the Chapel, Bible Study classes, integration of our biblical worldview in academics and in the interactions with our students, parents, and fellow staff members.

2. Family

Our commitment to family is demonstrated through our four-day school week reasonable and educationally worthwhile homework assignments and school-wide family activities.

3. Education

The importance of education is emphasized through academic courses offered at DCA that are rigorous but flexible, allowing for individual learning needs and styles. DCA helps prepare student to enter college, technical training or the workforce.

4. Character

We partner with families in the character development of our student by meeting daily challenges with Biblical principles and discipline that asks student to examine their hearts as well as behaviors.

5. Community

Being part of a loving, grace-filled community means that we put our actions in line with our desire to become more like Christ and serve one another at school, with our families, in our local community and the wider world.